jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

it's been kind of nice...

Polka dots dresses haven't even begun to get old for me and I've been wearing them to death for years. Classic and funny,  

Anyway, it's been cloudy and grey all day today and don't tell anyone you heard this from me...but it's been kind of nice...

*whole look by Psychocandy Vintage Shop

#wildbeach #camping #summer #friends #thebesttimeever

We are soaking up the summer with all that we are. 

miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014


"the secret to a refined wardrobe comes not in settling for less but in selecting truly special pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. "
-the line

lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

good mood

It's Monday morning, great sunny day, delicious coffee... I'm working on the future blog content ideas and i just found this never published outfit post. It's from the last autumn (!) but the photos are pretty awesome. So here you go i'll share it now, why not! 

i wore: vintage silk shirt and vintage knited handmade vest / second hand mkt, skinnies are from target and boots from frees & co

flavors of poland

what i miss about...


winter mornings in the park

homemade apple carrot juice

fresh beetroot juice

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

black and black

It's August already...it's time to get back to work! Not that we took holidays and forgot about psychocandy's stuff...but we definitely slowed down a little bit. We've been in Paris for a few days, we're going to the beach on a daily basis and we're having a weekly stand at Picnik Electronic, a music festival that is taking place every summer Sunday on Montjuic. Quite pleasure stuff, more than hard working but still...We prepared a pretty big colection of upcyckled crop tops specialy for that crazy event. We designed a few new cool pieces recently (!!!) and we vintage hunted a lot those days... On the photos below i wore upcycled lace crop, vintage skirt and my favourite vagabond shoes, all black, of course!

Summer it's still here and the city is awesome those days...but it feels so goos to get back to to the game ;)

Ya estamos en Agosto y para Psychocandy toca volver a trabajar! No que nos hayamos tomado vacaciones y nos hayamos olvidado del tema pero sí que nos lo hemos estado tomando con más calma últimamente. Hemos ido a París unos días, vamos mucho a la playa y durante todo el verano un puesto los domingos en Picnik Electronic, un festival que se hace en Montjuic. Aparte de estas cosas molonas hemos preparado una muy buena colección de upcycled crop tops pensando en general en este evento. También estamos diseñando nuevas piezas y buscando el mejor vintage de la cercanía.
En el outfit post llevo: upcycled crop de encajes, falda vintage y, mis zapatos favoritos, vagabond . ¡Todo negro claro!

objects without meanning

I found about this great brand few days ago through another blog. Objects Without Meaning is the creation of designer Alexandra Michelle in collaboration with creative director Andrew Hogge.  All manufacturing is done within our own Los Angeles-based facility, where we are immersed in every aspect of our brand from design to production to culture. I'm totally obsessed and inspired by this collection. Check this out. 

Hace unos días encontré la marca Objects Without Meaning a través de otro blog y la verdad que me tiene maravillada. Objects Without Meaning es la creación de la diseñadora Alexandra Michelle en colaboración con el director creativo Andrew Hogge. Según ellos mismos: "Todo el trabajo se realiza en nuestro espacio de Los Angeles. Allí trabajamos en todos los aspectos de la marca, desde el diseño a la producción a su visualización." Estoy totalmente enganchada e inspirada por esta colección. Hojeala.